Monday, October 1, 2012

Obligatory Honors Post, 10/1/12


*deep breath* Okay, now that I have that bit of melodrama out of my system...

Our speaker tonight was Gina Mashburn from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that takes volunteers and matches them up based on their likes, hobbies, etc., with a younger, at-risk child that they will then mentor. Some of the mentoring programs take place at schools, mostly across the river (does Red Bay count as across the river? Hmm... I guess it does...), while others are simply called community programs and involve the mentor picking up the child and doing stuff with him or her. The intent is for the mentor to provide a positive role model in the child's life, filling a spot that otherwise would be lacking. They play with them, encourage them, help them with their homework, and in general provide one-on-one time. Everyone needs encouragement and help; I won't argue with that.

    They are also funded by United Way. United Way funds everything, apparently. It seems to be quite the popular charity... No wonder everyone promotes it.

    Speech class is getting to me. While Mrs. Mashburn was talking, I felt irrationally compelled to start analyzing her delivery, her rhetorical appeals, her introduction and organization, and her word choices. It was the weirdest thing. I did notice she was chewing bubblegum. I have the sneaking sensation my speech teacher would not approve. But, hey, I'm the person who plans to play with children's building blocks for my demonstration speech next week, so whom am I to point fingers...

    Forum tonight also only lasted about thirty minutes, due to the Civil Wars concert. My family was most disappointed when we could not get tickets, because they SOLD OUT IN LIKE THE FIRST FEW HOURS. Goodness... And to think that John Paul White's wife was my first-grade teacher... Wow. Their career has really taken off. All the best to them.

    In Pace Christi,


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