Monday, October 15, 2012


"Argh" sort of sums up my feelings at this point. Let me repeat for emphasis: Argh.

There. I feel a little better.

Spring schedules came out today (and you may surmise, correctly, that they are responsible for 80% of the argh). I HAVE ACTUALLY ALREADY FIGURED OUT EVERY SINGLE CLASS I WANT TO TAKE IN THE SPRING!

Beat that!

I have also more or less decided to change my major. I am thinking at the moment that I will stay here at UNA and get a general chemistry degree with a German minor, and then see about transferring to get a chemical engineering degree. This necessitates taking Calculus 3 in the spring, which will be annoying as I will have skipped a semester (or two, if you count summer) in between it and Cal 2. Not fun.

I suppose I'll also go on to take history in the spring. BUT DR. BIBBEE ISN'T TEACHING IT! ARGH! I really wanted Dr. Bibbee to be teaching it since he was funny and I am willing to follow funny teachers through all my courses...

The other large factor for the argh is speech homework, which I really do not want to do. I also need to study two chapters of the speech handbook. Really do not want to do it... I just really don't...

I really need some good news at the moment. Well, I have finished all my hours in the language lab. Even if I was gypped out of 4 hours and I had to spent the majority of Friday in there in the freezing cold. But now I do not have to set foot in there again until the spring. So that is very good.

But I am still feeling very argh. Yes, I know that is not a proper adjective. But at this point I really don't care.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I had mine figured out until I went to talk to my advisor. I'm behind in my major and if I continue with a math minor, I will have to be at UNA for another semester because nobody told me a Chemistry minor is required along with 16 hours from Dauphin Island!