Monday, September 24, 2012

    She cackled.
    “You cackled, Granny,” said Magrat darkly.
    “I did not! It was,” Granny fumbled for a word, “a chuckle.”
    “I bet Black Aliss used to cackle.”
    “You want to watch out you don’t end up the same way as she did,” said Nanny. “She went a bit funny at the finish, you know. Poisoned apples and suchlike.”
    “Just because I might have chuckled a… a bit roughly,” sniffed Granny. She felt that she was being unduly defensive. “Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with cackling. In moderation.”

     - Wyrd Sisters, p. 181, by Terry Pratchett

     Mwahahahahaha. Ahem. In moderation.

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