Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy, Happy Thursdays!

I really don't know why, but Thursdays seem to always be my short days. Go figure. They also have fun classes, like literature. XD

I am now feeling rather smug because I have finished my PowerPoint for computer class. I have done it about global warming and the non-human causes of it, whereby I shall probably offend all the rabid environmentalists in my class. Oh, well, I shall be offending them for a good cause: the propagation of truth throughout the world. The truth must always be supported, whenever and wherever it is found. It is my charge. It is my hope.

*pauses as no one gets the allusion to an obscure scene in a random video game and slinks away under the table*

Now that I have learned where the bathrooms are in Keller, I shall go there before heading over to Stevens. This shall ensure I do not get caught up in bathroom lines that extend all the way out the door and also that I do not have to sit through the entirety of another lecture peiod without having gone. Bathrooms are very important things to know. The proper functioning of the world revolves around them. The first thing you should learn in any foreign language is, "Where is the bathroom, please?" and the first thing you should locate in a new building is the bathroom. EMERGENCIES HAPPEN!

Literature today was priceless. I am coming to very much anticipate our lively discussions in class, even though I take virtually no part in them myself. Having at least six boys in the class helps, since they actually speak up and say interesting things. While we were on Egyptian love poetry (yes, you read that right. Egyptian love poetry. I didn't know such a genre existed), Christian kept speculating that the people in the poems were crazy. It was great. I still haven't looked up those other poems. I should really do that...

Today was Iliad Day. Am I the only person who has a hard time spelling 'Iliad' with only one l? I keep wanting to type "Illiad". Weird. Anyway, save for a brief excursion to insult the Greek gods of Homer's worldview, the conversation focused pretty much on the comparisons and contrasts between Hector and Achillies. The results were hilariously predictably.
All the girls were pro-Hector. Really, it's no surprise. He comes across as a much more heroic character, much more human and sympathetic. He has a family- a wife, Andromache, and son, Astyanax- as well as a ton of brothers and his parents. He is fighting to defend his city and his people, unlike Achilles, who fights for glory and rage and whatnot. He dies tragically and then Achilles has the gall to dishonor his body. Yep, it's no wonder all the tender-hearted girls like Hector.
Yes, yes, I shall admit it. Hector's my favorite, too.
Amusingly, though, the ones who spoke out in Achilles's defense were the boys. They kept trying to defend him and point out the historical viewpoint of the actions in The Iliad and stuff like that. They did try, bless their hearts. But I was not converted.

Tomorrow is geography day. Perhaps we'll learn something new and useful. Perhaps we shall not. At any rate, we shall go and freeze in the Wesleyan auditorium and take a few notes or two. Seriously, WHY ARE THE BUILDINGS ALL SET AT LIKE 60 DEGREES?

And the computer labs are the worst offenders. Does silicon operate better in sub-arctic temperatures? Can any math or science geek answer that for me? I believe the answer is yes, but when does the minimal advantage provided by ten degrees cooler turn into disadvantage because the computer parts have frozen together?

Tomorrow is also speech. Yaaaaay. I am not at all enthusiastic. I was dreading the class. The speaking part wasn't so bad. I thought the class was not hopeless. Now the teacher has decided to talk politics. The class is hopeless. I'm not even trying to hide my boredom when the teacher brings up random political figures to bash them. And, really, I ask you, what does saying you are personally disgusted by Sarah Palin have anything to do with teaching us the proper rhetorical appeals or how to understand an audience? I've learned more from reading the book so far. Granted, that usually happens, but to happen in the first few weeks of school... That is sort of sad...

Today a random dude with a megaphone invaded campus. He had hung posters on himself and was carrying around a brown paper bag, presumably filled with candy, which he offered to the poor unfortunate souls who could not get away from him in time. He kept repeating through said megaphone that there would be a stand-up comedy night at some time (come to think of it, I don't think he ever mentioned a place) and said we could all bring our own beer. No joke. "Bring your own beer! Bring your own rum! Ruin your life while laughing!" Seriously, he said that. No exaggeration. I thought he was going to chase me down and offer me mysterious candy since I had to cross campus in front of him, but I managed to run up the hill to Stevens and escape him.

That was sort of creepy.

Other than that, though, this was a happy Thursday. Ooh. Thursday is Thor's Day, you know? Bonus fun fact! Read my blog, learn something you probably already knew. Am I not wonderful?

I suppose I'll have to spend some more time in the language lab. Better bring my parka. Last time I inadvertently ended up under the vent and so froze. I consoled myself with a Hersheys from the vending machine. However, the Hersheys had almonds in it. Who eats their chocolate with nuts in it??!! Why do they always have to go and ruin good chocolate with hard crunchy bits? It's in brownies, it's on cakes, it's in the overpriced candy bars in machines in freezing campus buildings...

Spending 100 minutes in the language lab at a stretch can grow a bit mind-numbing, however. Lately, after I finish my German homework, I have taken to researching dinosaurs on the Internet. I'm still listening to German radio, so it's not like I'm hogging a computer in there. But I do wonder what people think when they see a picture of a Brachiosaurus on the screen accompanied by walls of text and me frantically scribbling and sneezing occasionally.

Yes, I have a cold. Stupid colds. I'm getting better now, though. Unfortunately, most of my family caught it from me. Sorry. It was not my intention to share.

Don't worry. This blog is safe. I am fairly sure you cannot catch my cold over the Internet. The tech people are still working on that one.

In Pace Christi,


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