Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Honors Forum, 2.0

I honestly do not know why I have put off blogging about our first Honors 2.0 forum for more than a week. It's not like I'm overloaded with homework (sshh! Don't tell my teachers!). I just haven't been blogging as much lately, I suppose.

Anyway, at the Honors forum 2.0 we were told about civic engagement and also informed that we need to do a required 10-15 hours of volunteer work this semester. I knew about the required service hours before I even comitted to UNA, courtesy of Dr. Brewton's speech at Preview Day. Yes, I actually remember Preview Day. Mom made Dad take me since he knew his way around campus, and Elaine was dragged along for some mysterious reason. Mom apparently thought it would be good for Elaine to go, and dad thought Elaine had actually wanted to come. Cue revelation of the truth. Anyway, I recall that she later admitted she had spent the entirety of Dr. Brewton's speech, which took place in the Loft of the Guillot Center, watching a Vanderbilt game on the televisions screen down in the main area of the building.

Dad also made some snarky comment about Vanderbilt not usually fielding a good football team because, "It's hard to get a bunch of doctors to run around on the field." Though, actually, I do believe Vanderbilt did better last year, and it would be great if they could do even better this year. Like, for instance, if they beat Tennessee. That would be wonderful.

Have you seen those crimson shirts that say: "THE GOOD - ALABAMA --- THE BAD - AUBURN --- THE UGLY - TENNESSEE"? Because I certainly have.

Anyway, I have been panicking on the back burner about volunteer work ever since Preview Day. No joke. It's been looming over me, albeit in an unobtrusive fashion. I can't really see myself volunteering at somewhere like Safeplace or Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I was sort of stuck. In the end, I thought of how my piano teacher always has her students give a small recital at Merrill Gardens every Christmas. Now that I am nowhere near so nervous as I used to be about playing the piano for people (as the poor unfortunate souls of Lafayette's lobby can attest), that sprang to mind as a good idea. I have yet to talk to someone there to find out if and how this can be arranged (bad me! bad me!) but I shall have to do it soon.

I wonder how everyone else is doing with their platforms. Some people probably actually LOVE doing service hours- the same ones who love interacting with people. I suppose I'm just not very much of a people person. I like people in smaller doses. Am I a terrible person for thinking that?

In Pace Christi,


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