Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yet Another Bored Post

Okay, what was with the people wearing no shoes yesterday??? I saw several people wearing no shoes whatsoever. Now, I'm a fan of wearing no shoes at home, even outside (just not outside in the barnlot or cow pastures, because, well... you know... that's sort of a biological hazard). But in public places? Uhhh... I'd prefer to be shod, thank you very much. And THEN it started raining. Now some people may be the romantic type who go dancing barefoot in the rain like in the movies (possibly singing some sort of romantic song they made up on the spot), but... not me. That's just not me.

Yesterday in chemistry lab was basically Fun With Chemicals Day. Take a solution and do a whole bunch of stuff to it to ascertain the presence or absensce thereof of certain metal cations (Ni2+, Fe3+, Al3+, and Zn2+). We played around with centrifuges, some of which, according to Dr. Moeller, are older than we are. Yay for ancient machinery. He gave us a lecture on not sticking our fingers in the centrifuges while they were running as he wanted everyone to still have ten fingers at the end of next week. As a matter of fact, as I was leaving, he asked me if I still had 10 fingers. Haha. He taught my uncle, you see (I think I have some brownie points with him for that fact), and said uncle told me Dr. Moeller likes to say something crazy every now and then just to see if you're paying attention. Based on the paper-towels-inducing-flood-of-biology-department comment, I'd say that evaluation of Dr. Moeller is spot-on.

Next week, of course, we get to do the same thing all over again, but that time we won't know if the cations are in there or not.

After lab, I had to wait for thirty minutes on a shuttle. Does anybody actually like the new schedule? The Flor-Ala approved of it, which I couldn't believe, but which may be explained by the fact that, as Amy pointed out, it is a school newspaper and that was a school decision. They HAVE to approve of it. Blah, blah, blah. I'm thinking of sending another email to the UNA police and making this one all innocent and pleading (my last one was ironic), and possibly alluding to the need for an awning or something for the people who have to wait in the rain. Waiting in the rain isn't fun, even if you've brought an umbrella, since sometimes the wind blows it at an angle and keeping dry becomes mission impossible.

Waiting for the shuttle isn't usually too bad. I bring a book and ignore the world until the shuttle pulls up. Or stare off into space and think random thoughts- which accounts for my habit of randomly smiling as I think of funny things. I guess I just amuse myself. However, waiting for the shuttle gets annoying, particularly on Tuesday afternoon, as for some reason the people I end up waiting with seem to have a little problem with cussing. As in, they do it. A lot. Yesterday, every other word out of one of the dude's mouth was offensive. Perhaps the first time I should have gasped really dramatically and said something like, "MY EARS! MY EARS!" but, considering the attitude of modern youth towards swear words, he probably wouldn't have figured out the correlation (or causation, rather). What would have worked better would probably have been to say, "Could you please not say stuff like that until we get to Darby? Thirty minutes tops, dude." It's really, really sad when someone can't keep their speech clean for half an hour. It makes me very worried about the fate of the world. And the condition of the speaker's soul.

Another, even more melodramatic solution that just occurred to me: bring a bottle of holy water and flick it (the water, not the bottle) at the offensive speaker. Haha, I'd never actually do that, but still... Hmm, not actually a bad idea.

I SWEAR, I've listened to the German radio for forty minutes today, and there hasn't been ONE German song on Bayern 3. There was a particularly annoying English song on Bayern 3, so I switched to Bayern 1, and guess what was on there??? "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd! Not that I'm complaining about THAT, mind you... Okay, the song after that was German. "Sternenhimmel", I belive. But now that I've switched back to Bayern 3, no luck. I should switch back. Actually, when I first sat down listening to Bayern 3, "The Fire" by Sons of Midnight had just gone off. I know absolutely zilch about them, so they may be the author of hundreds of horrible songs and have a bad reputation (or they may not), but that song is kinda cool. It also shows up on Bayern 3 a lot, particularly when Sebastian Winkler is the DJ. Weird.

Oh, and I have no idea who Gotye is, either, but his (I think it's a guy, at any rate) song, "Somebody I Used to Know" is HAUNTING ME!!! I heard it on Bayern 3 Monday. I was thinking of it when I was in the language lab, and it promptly came on (now THAT was creepy). And on Tuesday morning my bus driver had the radio on, and it came on there!

It could always be worse, though. It could be Lady Gaga. I'm sorry, but I cannot take anyone who deliberately chooses a stage name like that seriously. Nor does her behavior and songs warrant anyone taking her seriously.

Which really makes me wonder when the magazine about religious vocations Fr. Markley sent me (he is convinced I should be a nun, and I disagree!)- oh, and he also sent one to my siblings-, quoted Lady Gaga as being proud of going to a Catholic school run by nuns. *groans and bangs head repeatedly on table* Great. All we need is another famous flagrantly Catholic-in-name-only running around in the public spotlight. Honestly, those people give us such a bad reputation. Not all of us are like that! Some Catholics actually honor the Pope and believe what the Magisterium teaches and go to Mass every Sunday and say their prayers daily and don't give non-Catholics scandal. Really, it's worse to be a Catholic and so blatantly sinful than an honest atheist. Or has anyone noticed that the Israelites were punished much worse in the Bible because they KNEW better than the pagans? It's gonna be the same with us. We were given so much more, so much more will be expected out of us.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. Yesterday was TOMS (brand of shoe) day of No shoes to help the kids who have no shoes. Every time someone buys a pair of their shoes, they give a pair to a kid who doesn't have shoes (I think Africa)