Monday, April 16, 2012

A Meaningless Monday Post... And That Sort Of Alliterates

If only there were a synonym for 'post' that begins with an 'm'...

Okay, I got a copy of the Flor-Ala Thursday and now I know why people were going barefoot. I remain clueless, however, about what Caffiene High is, other than it has something to do with the ATO guys hanging out at the end of the bridge and offering Mello-Yellos to everyone. I'd take the ATO guys any day over crazy preachers, as the former were very much less pushy! And they don't yell at you.

I'm not real sure why they had a couch with them. Perhaps they were going to raffle it off or something. Otherwise, yeah, it looked very much like something a bunch of frat boys would do.

While I'm on the subject of couches, there is a couch in a side hallway of Wesleyan, outside the girls' bathroom. A sign taped on the wall near it indicated that it was apparently going to be used in some fashion (perhaps being raffled off?) for some geography group, and the sign also asked that the couch not be destroyed. I doubt it was the same one ATO had.

I don't know. I've never felt the inclination to join a sorority, though I had invitations from three of them. I just don't really see the point of it all, and that also goes for fraternities. The only one I have some sort of respect for is ATO, due to a variety of reasons, the most important being (1) my dad was in it and (2) he said the name stands for Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega (check out the Book of Revelations if you don't get Who that stands for) and the Tau is for the Cross. That little fact boosted my opinion of ATO tremendously, I tell you. Otherwise, I would be as apathetic about it as any other campus group pretty much.

Oh, and I know two of my classmates are in ATO- Christian from the Honors Program, in Calculus, and Seth in chemistry and chemistry lab. (Seth is the one who randomly says, "Oh, yeah!" during just about every lecture. And lab. I have to admit, he makes them a lot more entertaining.)

I am a little annoyed currently. What's the point of having online homework if the page refuses to load? Honestly... I've been having problems with my chemistry online homework not loading. I just did all the homework for last chapter, and I want to get a good start on this chapter's homework (there's only nine questions!), but the page refuses to load. I have sat here and waited on it for at least five minutes and it still hasn't done anything.

Okay, time for my little friend, the refresh button!

And, YES! It works!

On an even happier note, I discovered a few hours ago that Brotherband II: The Invaders comes out May 1st, along with The Serpent's Shadow! I will be one happy camper come May 1st! The only annoying thing is that, for once, the Australian cover of BB2 is better than ours. BB1 had an okay cover in the US. But BB2 has some eastern-looking dude (presumably, one of the Hungarian pirates [okay, okay, they were Magyar or something like that... same thing] from BB1) and one of the Herons on the front. Problem is, the Australian cover looks nicer. It just does. I'm not sure who the boy with the silvery-blond hair is. I thought it was Stig (who names their child Stig? Really...) but it might not be... You think Hal would be on the cover, as he's the main character. Perhaps he was on the half of the cover I couldn't see... That might be it.

...Ah, it helps to go to the website and look at the captions! That way, you get the whole picture AND the names. Bingo. It's Stig, Thorn, and Hal, from left to right. Niiiiice. Not sure why Hal has a dumb look on his face. Thorn looks suitably intimidating. As for Stig, he wasn't my favorite character or anything (I liked the twins and the big guy... sigh... I need to reread BB1 so I can recall the names), but... hey... he's apparently not bad-looking.

*ducks and hides while everyone stares at me in shock*

So what? It's a fictional character!!!!!

On the subject of drawings of fictional characters, some of the art for the people from the Kane Chronicles is being released in the days leading up to The Serpent's Shadow coming out. They've released Thoth, Setne, and Ra. I actually liked Thoth's picture... weirdly enough. He was one of my favorite characters, if only because he's so bizarre, and also for his first line in the series: "I've discovered something, Khufu. This is not Memphis, Egypt."

(It was Memphis, Tennessee, for those of you who don't get the joke.)

BONUS: A quote from BB2 that's been pre-released that I think is funny: "We can change our breeches. We can change our minds. But we can't change the weather." -- Svengal's Aunt Bessie. LOL, I don't know why, but Svengal seems to get some of the best lines in BB. For those of you who read BB1, you know how he threatened to dress up as a little old lady to spy on the pirates.

Ah, yes, we all love John Flanagan so much. After all, he gave us Halt and Gilan ("Jump off the cliff. It'll be less messy that way.") and Horace ("Can you see me now?") and Selethen and Svengal and Erak... What would we do without him? Or without Rick Riordan, for that matter?

In Pace Christi,


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