Friday, April 13, 2012

A Belated Thursday Post

Yeah, yeah, I know today is Friday. (Unlike Dr. Gren, who at the end of today's lecture said, "What day is it today...? Friday...?" He's said stuff like that before, the poor guy.) However, today is the post that should have been done yesterday: the infamous Let's Mock the Flor-Ala Tweets weekly post!

Hurrah and all that.

I didn't get the post done yesterday because I was working on my research paper and then went to the ghost tour on campus. I finished my research paper today. It was only supposed to be 6-8 pages and it is actually, including the works cited page, 16 pages. I have emailed Mrs. Howell to ask if this is okay. If I must cut portions of it, I will be frantic come Monday looking for a few more sources in Collier.

It was a very easy topic for me, okay?! And I got really into the cosmic ray theory of cloud formation and corresponding climate fluctuation. It made sense, and I had to detail what the opposition said to it and write a rebuttal. And that took space. Also I had to explain how the ozone layer worked. I am afraid at that point I went a little chemistry-happy and started rambling happily about diatomic nitrogen and oxygen and molecular bonds. But, hey, it's important to understanding how it works!!!

All right, I am a nerd. So what?

The ghost tour wasn't very scary. I used to be petrified of Halloween stuff, but now I'm like, "Meh, your fake-blood-y mask is so totally fake. I can see the little plastic tubes, etc." So I was good! The only time I began to become a little creeped out was when Mrs. Glass was telling us how a chest of drawers was pushed across a locked bedroom from the inside upstairs in the O'Neal house, leaving tracks in the half-inch of dust on the floor, but no footprints. Or how footsteps would come down the stairs each night, always stopping on the last step before reaching the ground floor, and go back upstairs.

I will, however, now think of Molly in the Off-Campus Bookstore and Jeremiah in Wesleyan (and his poor dad) every time now. I did look for Mrs. O'Neal today. No luck. Didn't really expect to see her, but you never know... :) Apparently, Sherman stayed in Wesleyan and threatened to reduce Florence to ashes. *grumbles about the Union's scorched earth policy* Even Sherman admitted that, according to what he had been taught at West Point, he deserved to be tried for war crimes.

Now ROBERT E. LEE kept the South's side of the war as civil as he could...

However, lest I go into a War for Southern Independence rant, I had better continue. Apparently, Mr. Hentz's piano playing can be heard in Willingham Hall sometimes. I want to know what is in the attic at Willingham that they have to barricade the stairs up to it off with desks and chairs. Is it a mundane reason like bad flooring, or something else entirely? LOL, I'm so melodramatic. We also heard about Priscilla, who apparently still haunts the Guillot even though O'Neal Hall isn't there anymore, and R. C. Fuller (I do hope I have his initials right), who jumped off the roof of Bibb Graves in the 60's after learning he had cancer and whose whistling can apparently be heard sometimes.

Now, for the tweets of the week!

"I just LOVE being told that I'm going to hell for wearing shorts, playing sports, and having a tattoo on my way to class!" Haha. Now, I didn't see this Brother Micah for myself, but I have no doubt that he is charming individual and meant all of this with the deepest and most sincere Christian charity. *coughs suspiciously* I think I would have liked to have seen that whole affair.

Someone removed ESPN form the com building? Bwahaha. Apparently some people can't live without sports. Getting rid of CNN probably wouldn't hurt, either. Gah, the spread of politics. As I have heard somewhere, "Soldiers and diplomats are both essential for a war. Soldiers are necessary to end the war and diplomats are necessary to start it." Of course, sometimes you also have nutty presidents who hurl their countries headlong into bloody wars. I'm looking at YOU, Wilson and FDR. FDR did his level best to get us into WWII- he GAVE Britain airplanes and warships, for crying out loud; an American soldier helped spot the Bismarck for Britain to sink it; and FDR gave orders for us to gun down the Bismarck if it entered our waters!-, and as for Woodrow Wilson.... sigh... when Sigmund Freud says you're a nutcase, you're a nutcase.

"We need a crazy Christian preacher alert system at Una so we know when to watch/avoid the amphitheater." I so totally agree! It should be standard Lion Alert programming.

"I should be working right now but I'm too busy watching two girls have a brutal argument outside Bibb Graves." LOL. I am really wondering now what the argument was about...

"Just saw a guy sagging so bad his pants were literally around his knees. You stay classy." Yup, there's few things worse than getting trapped in a mass of people behind some huge dude you can't get around, his britches around his knees and his boxers billowing in the breeze behind him.... Ew. Just ew.

"Just saw a squirrel walking so close to a person I thought it was their dog. They are too comfortable with us." Let's just deed the campus over to the squirrels right now, shall we? They act like they own the place, anyway.

Speaking of squirrels... I once heard a squirrel described in baby talk as a 'squiggle'. I now cannot see a squirrel without thinking 'squiggle' to myself. Or 'rat with a fuzzy tail', courtesy of Dr. Bibbee the first day of last semester.

Yep... my life at UNA so far would have been a lot more boring without Dr. Bibbee and Dr. Gren. Thank heavens for the funny professors and the absent-minded/funny professors.

In Pace Christi,


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