Friday, April 27, 2012

I Wonder What Would Happen If I Left 'Post title' In This Box...

Completely random title. Ignore it.

According to the stats page on my blog, someone from Russia has been reading my blog again. Must have been an accident, as I'm not sure what of interest they could find on here.

Today I only had one class. It is very saddening to think I only have a few more classes. I am going to miss all of my teachers so much! Most of them I have had for two semesters straight- Dr. Stovall, Dr. Christy, and Mrs. Howell. At least I think I'll be keeping Dr. Christy (he's the only one who teaches German, right?), so it won't be all new in the fall. I've only had Dr. Moeller and Dr. Gren for one semester but I really like them a lot, too. Dr. Gren is... well, Dr. Gren, and if you follow my blog you know I quote him all the time ("I always feel like I'm forgetting something, so I never know if I've actually forgotten something or not."), while Dr. Moeller is also hilarious. My Uncle Ronald said about Dr. Moeller, "He likes to say something crazy to see if you're paying attention."

We had our chemistry lab final this Tuesday, and Dr. Moeller seemed to spend most of the time at the front of the classroom- Floyd 102- smirking out at the students. That was NOT encouraging, let me tell you, but it was so in-character for Dr. Moeller I found it hilarious. Plus, one of the questions on the test went like this, "What happens at Dr. Moeller's house when he lands a fat counselling job?" I decided to answer more or less as he described it that memorable class, "Mrs. Moeller runs around the house saying, 'Le Chatelier's Principle! Le Chatelier's Principle!' and a new sofa or something appears."

To make up for not seeing Dr. Moeller next Tuesday, at least I will be comforted by two new books. 'Cause guess what comes out May 1st...? The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan and The Invaders by John Flanagan!!!!! I will be so happy. I will probably not even blog for the rest of the week, as I will be busy reading and rereading those books!

I hope my teachers in the fall are entertaining. I had Dr. Bibbee last semester and he was quite funny, especially when he went into self-described 'Southern Baptist preacher mode' when talking about, of all things, Buddhism. This semester, I've had Dr. Gren and Dr. Moeller. Oh, today there was a purple marker in Floyd 102. There has never been a purple marker in there before. There has been only blue markers in there before (Dr. Gren: "Well, today's going to be a blue day."), but never a purple one. Dr. Gren's expression when he said, "Ooh, purple," was simply priceless.

I am still fairly sure one or more of the girls in the class (me not included) have a crush on Dr. Gren...

I keep hearing about this 'Rate My Professors' site. Maybe I should check it out sometime. I could do a little research... For some reason, that reminds me of a TV show from ages ago, back when I watched Pokemon (yes, that long ago). It was a cartoon version of Jackie Chan (no kidding) and had them looking for talismans. In it, Uncle always said, "We must do research!" Now I find myself doing just that... odd.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I have had people look at my blog from Russia and Indonesia and I think South Africa. Haha. Too bad they never comment.