Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes, I Know I Skipped Blogging Yesterday

I know I usually blog on Thursdays, if only to mock people's complaints on the back of the latest issue of the Flor-Ala. However, I didn't find the tweets yesterday to be very interesting. Mostly, everyone seemed to be complaining about the heat and speculating that the AC would be fixed only after spring break. Other than that, there were a few other random comments, one tweet of approval from a soon-to-be freshman, and a couple of comments expressing interest in the upcoming football season (yes, it's half a year away, but who cares? This is SEC country, baby), one of them being tagged #BobbyisBack.

Now, I really don't understand how the hashtag thing works. Apparently, it is indicated by an octothorpe, as I do believe the little pound symbols (#) are officially called. Apparently, it also indicates the subject of the tweet or something like that. Obviously, I am not on Twitter and do not understand how it works. I also do not understand how Facebook works. I really don't want to understand how either works, though, come to think of it.

THANK YOU TO THE FLOR-ALA PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN! Not only did we have a word search, a crossword, and a sudoku in the last issue, we also had a cryptoquote (which I tried my hand at, then gave up when I saw it would require serious effort), and whatever the other thing was called. Woohoo! Maybe it was just due to being a larger issue of the Flor-Ala (and it was rather annoying that the results of the SGA election weren't even put in there... maybe it was due to when the paper was published, but still), but the extra stuff was nice. Speaking of which, I did the cryptoquote in today's paper after the crossword got too infuriating. It was something by a Virginia Burden, and went along the lines of, "Cooperation is the conviction that nobody gets there unless everybody gets there." The secret to those things lies in looking for the most common letters and for patterns in the words in order to decode them.

Ah, it's a good thing when your bus drivers recognize you on sight. I say, "Good morning," to them every day when I get on, and I always tell them, "Thank you," whenever I get off. If I'm getting off at the Darby parking lot, I will also wish them a good day. It's just simple manners, I think, but perhaps it pays off... Hey, if the driver recognizes you coming across Harrison Plaza (and you're not in the mood to run like a lunatic through a swarm of people to try to catch the shuttle) and then loops back around the little turnabout-thing in order to pick you up... Yeah. Thank goodness for the nice bus drivers.

Maybe I should start learning their names... Perhaps they should wear little pins with their names on them like clerks do in Wal-Mart and places like that. That way, I wouldn't have to call them stuff like, "the veteran guy," and, "the nice black lady," and "the smiley old guy," in my head all the time. LOL, seriously, I call them that. I've noticed an interesting trend too- whenever I get on the smiley old guy's shuttle in the morning, I will almost always get on his shuttle going back to Darby as well. Weird, but that's how it works.

Chemistry was amusing today, too. Oh, Dr. Gren, we love you so much... We will all remember Le Chatelier's Principle for the rest of our lives due to the crowded elevator analogy and will also remember the noble gas law for the rest of our lives due to PIV NERT. (PV = nRT.) As for me, I will probably end up for the rest of my life quoting something you said the first day of the semester, because I feel like that a lot, too: "I always feel like I'm forgetting something, so I never know if I've ever actually forgotten something or not."

I'm guessing it's a week until the Hunger Games movie comes out. Oh, joy. I saw a girl reading one of the books before class one day. As for me, before chemistry I was proudly reading my copy of The Silmarillion. I am the only person I know who has ever attempted to read The Silmarillion and actually got past the first page. (The first page is rather intimidating...)

In Pace Christi,


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  1. "I always feel like I'm forgetting something, so I never know if I've ever actually forgotten something or not." Sounds like something I would say. Haha!