Monday, March 19, 2012

A Mini-Rant of My Own

I really don't see why anyone thinks the air-conditioning in the university buildings needs to be fixed! Seriously, people. If anything, it needs to be fixed so that it's not quite as cold! Yep, the air has officially been turned on. It will not be turned off until October, when the heat will be turned on and it will be 80 degrees in all the buildings. Until then, we are all trapped in the 60-degree meat lockers they call the campus buildings.

Hey, people in Cal 2, IS IT COLD ENOUGH FOR YOU YET???? You should have ABSOLUTELY no excuse to go opening doors and windows and shedding jackets while whining about how hot it is. Now, if you were to complain about how cold it is and open windows to alleviate the sub-arctic temperatures in the room, that's another thing entirely...

Put it this way, I sat down in the math building this morning and instantly wished I hadn't. I swear, it feels like I'm going to develop frostbite. I ended up leaning forward to keep the cold metal off my back.

Oh, joy... I'm going to the language lab tomorrow. The place is cold enough as it is. It's going to be its genuine meat-locker self tomorrow... oh, joy...

YES! I have joined the band-wagon of people who just can't wait until spring break! I want to be able to sleep in until 7:00 for once! If I sign up for another 8:00 class for fall semester, someone please beat me with the nearest large, heavy, blunt object until I regain use of my senses or fall unconscious, whichever comes first...

On an aside note, The Hunger Games Movie comes out Friday morning, bright and early (well, dark and early) at midnight. Come Friday morning proper, I will then be able to have a good laugh at all the people walking around like zombies due to sleep deprivation. ...On second thoughts, nah... they'll just play hooky.

That reminds me... I should find a way to see if I can put a little count-down thing on my blog to keep track of The Hobbit movie coming out! Now THERE'S a worthy goal. The Hobbit is, after all, going to be 2-hours-odd of pure filmed epicness, and definitely worth staying up late for. If it's a school night, however... meh.

In Pace Christi,



  1. I haven't decided if I am going to skip or not. My teacher might even cancel class (some teachers do that because a lot of students start spring break early despite The Hunger Games and teachers want to start spring break early). If he doesn't I still might not go. Our tests come from the practice tests and the practice tests come from the powerpoints and he goes over the powerpoints in class. So yeah, might skip my first class EVER in my whole entire class!!! (Not proud of that by the way).

    1. If you don't count not showing up when you KNOW the teacher isn't going to be there (which I feel doesn't count), I have only missed one class, and that was history last semester. And, yes, I missed it to go to the Celtic Woman concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, so you can make fun of me for it.

      One of my teachers said he may or may not forget to print out an attendance sheet Friday. I'm going anyway, though.

      In Pace Christi,


      P. S. I found out to comment on my own posts! Aren't I sad?