Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Not Thursday And Yet I'm Blogging

Yeah, can you believe it. What is the world coming to (again)?

Anyway, today is a good day for me (so far) but that can be disrupted at any moment by the usual catastrophic circumstances- lightning, hail, tornadoes, earthquakes, and random solar storms, as the papers are ominously predicting... I'm not sure how much the solar storm will affect us technologically-detached peoples. My family doesn't even really have a GPS, unless the little devices on cell phones count (and my phone does not have that, in the first place). I REALLY don't want to be dependent on GPS to get anywhere, as I have heard one too many horror stories about being given wrong directions and also seeing cartoons of 'Close To Home' where it has the car plunging off a cliff with the label, "GPS recalculating..." or the one where the car is in an alley and the driver finds a sign on the wall, "Ha-ha! You are 230 miles from Dulles Airport! Signed, the MapQuest pranksters."

Speaking of direction pranksters, go to Google Maps. Click 'Get Directions'. Click 'Walking Directions'. Enter 'The Shire' in the first box and 'Mordor' in the second. Notice the warning message.

Go ahead. I'll wait while you go do that.

Did you do that? LOL. Good for you!

And NOBODY wants to guess about what the fifth dimension is? (Not that that many people even READ this blog in the first place, of course, unless it's those random people from Latvia that have apparently stumbled across this blog- don't know how, but it appears on my stats...)

Oh, all right, all right. The fifth dimension is eternity. It encompasses time, is transcendant to it, and yet is immanent in it. The reason we men can think outside time's box, so to speak, is because there is a little bit of eternity in our hearts. Our hearts are made for Thee, o Lord, and they are restless until they rest in Thee...

You'll probably be seeing a lot more philosophical quotes (by Peter Kreeft, more likely than not) from me in the near future as I work my way through my philosophy book. I could have finished it ages ago, but this is one book I have actually settled down to savor slowly. It's the kind that needs some thought, ya ken? Haha, the real reason is acutally more because I keep forgetting to bring it to school, as the only time I ever think of reading it is while I am sitting in the math building (usually freezing my butt off, as it is nice and warm in there until the other kids arrive, insist that they are roasting, and open windows and doors. I'll have you know I sit RIGHT BY THE DOOR and the 40-degree cold air whooshing in on my ankles isn't fun. Do you want to trade seats?) or while waiting on a shuttle.

Chemistry was amusing today. Suffice it to say that it usually is, and that the fact that I was able to follow what Dr. Gren was doing when he was trying to re-create his equations via natural logarithmic manipulation made me feel so much better about the world. At least the dude next to me wasn't snoring this time. I'm fairly sure he's been asleep before. He just kind of sits there most of the time... which is kind of sad when you realize I sit in the front row. Sleeping students are probably NOT an encouraging sign to a professor, but, then again, they've probably seen everything by now. Apparently, pajamas are perfectly acceptable school attire. Not sure why, but apparently that is so...

Oh, and I'm fairly sure one or more of the girls that sits behind me has a crush on Dr. Gren. Pardon me while I go crawl away under a desk if either one of said parties finds out I have blogged about this... I would like to state, however, that I most certainly do not share their infatuation.

Okay... how did I get onto that topic? Yikes. I scare myself sometimes. I'm not really sure WHERE in the world I am going with this blog post, so, yep, that's a good sign I need to end it.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I have fallen college...while sitting in the front row...and when I jerked awake got a glare down from my professor! That was one BORING class.