Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Why am I upset, you ask?

I am a follower of many fandoms. The one ruling my life at the moment is Tolkien-centered, of course, but that does not mean I am not aware of various other fandoms. Sometimes, however, they get pushed to the backburner and I only check up on them every few months. In the case of series that have ended, this is not a problem.

And, no, my problem currently is not that Rick Riordan is only releasing his Percy Jackson/Carter Kane crossover short story in audiobook, e-book, and with the paperback Serpent's Shadow release. (Although I was upset about that, too.) After all, I can just go to Books-a-Million when the paperback is released and read it there (I am not buying that book over again) before getting another LEGO Hobbit set. It's sad when I go to a bookstore to buy LEGOs.

No, it's the Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Spoilers for anyone who follows it as well!

First they made Razer confess that he loved Aya as she 'died', then they brought her back and had Razer backpedal, and THEN they had her delete her emotions, kill the Anti-Monitor, and become Queen of the Manhunters!!!!


I mean, how can you DO that? One of the most beautiful, natural ships (never mind that she's a robot) and you RUIN IT! By turning her evil! Razer was getting so much better about this! Granted, I know that was a horrible moment to freak out about a relationship after the unfortunate end of his last one, but he'd been getting so much better! And then THIS happened! And there's only a few episodes left before Cartoon Network axes it!


This is usually the point when I would go to Fanfiction.net to assuage my feels, but I can't do that, seeing as how I gave up FF.net and lurking on Tumblr for Lent. So I'm stuck blogging about my feels.

I think it is an appropriate moment to use this gif:

And, no, I do not feel melodramatic in the least.

Of course, it's not helping that I'm watching Hobbit tribute videos and that sort of thing. I tend to get emotional when I do that. For that matter, I teared myself up the other day playing "In Dreams" from the end of The Fellowship of the Ring on the piano the other day. The song becomes much more poignant when you think about all of the inhabitants of Middle-earth that die, from the wars of the First Age in Beleriand to the ending of the War of the Ring.

I'd post a fanart here to explain precisely how I feel, but it'd have spoilers. GAH.


In Pace Christi,


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