Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brace Yourselves, Randomness Is Coming

Again, 'nuff said. Also, do I need to submit any more evidence of why I love Catholic Memes?

I also love how they used to classify memes with this picture as "LOTR", even though that's not Boromir. It's Sean Bean, sure, but it's not Boromir. Okay, he looks much the same, fur and cape and huge sword and all, but it's not The Lord of the Rings, it's Game of Thrones. Now they've pulled their act together and they're just calling it the 'Brace Yourselves' meme.

Hey, it works.

Ooh, while I'm inundating everyone with memes, I should add another of my favorites:

Okay, Dr. Brewton told us today to hotlink any pictures so that anyone clicking on them will be led back to their source. That is a great idea. In fact, I would whole-heartedly endorse doing so... IF I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT!! C'mon, Dr. Brewton, why didn't you demonstrate it for the technologically challenged? We may be an increasingly small minority among college students, but we exist! And we're being discriminated against!


So I just finished up a blog post about Voltaire and Rousseau and feel like more bashing of philosophical pedestals. Anyone want to join in? Rousseau was Wangsty and Voltaire just an all-out skeptic. Skewed philosophies tend to take one thing to an extreme to the detriment of its opposite (which will be seized on by the following generation and correspondingly taken to its extreme). The mess might all be due to Occam, who decreed in his Razor that ALL THINGS MUST BE SIMPLIFIED! The problem is that sometimes crucial parts are cut out to make way for simplification.

*my mental daydream*

Elrond: Occam, cast the Razor into the fire! Destroy it!

Occam/Isildur: No.

Elrond: All righty, then. *shove*

*end mental daydream*

That would make an interesting philosophical paper to turn into a teacher... It's a good thing I'm not taking philosophy, isn't it?

I'd also like to take a moment and randomly spork the extreme American obsession with democracy. Why do we always think that we have the most perfect form of government (which we may or may not have)? More importantly, why do we always think that whoever does not have our form of government are benighted heathens, who we must invade and teach the error of their ways? I mean, Woodrow Wilson (who was a nutcase who suffered a mental breakdown because of his refusal to face reality... not my words, actually. It was Sigmund Freud who said that!!!!) said famously, "The world must be made safe for democracy!" And so he got us pointlessly embroiled in WWI and achieved... what? Nothing.

Really. WWII I can see. We were attacked, and even if we hadn't been, Hitler needed to be taken down. However, WWII was born of WWI. Japan joined the Axis because Britain snubbed them (they were our allies in WWI), so thumbs down for Britain. Also, thumbs down for their appeasement policy towards Hitler. And what was with the bashing of German for WWI? It was Austria-Hungary that invaded Serbia, and that spiraled out of control because Russia jumped to the aid of Serbia and Germany felt honor-bound to aid Austria-Hungary. France and England jumped in for whatever reason, and there was no legitimate reason for the war. The Pope pleaded for peace talks repeatedly, but everyone ignored him until Charles of Austria. And even he was ignored, stripped of his empire, and reduced to dying shortly thereafter in exile.

The cause for his beatification is under way, which is nice. (Translation: he may one day become a saint.)

Back to Woodrow Wilson. The Lusitania is always cited as proof that the Kaiser's Germany was evil and out to take over the world. Did you know that Germany took out ads in the papers saying that they were going to torpedo the ship (it was carrying munitions, although this was officially denied) and warning people not to travel on it? Yep. Oh, and it was in a war zone. And here we have the deranged Woodrow Wilson insisting that idiot Americans have the right to travel on ships carrying munitions in a legitimate sphere of war and not be harmed, even though they are stupidly throwing themselves into the line of fire.

Yeah. Woodrow Wilson was so nuts, I can't even wrap my mind around it.

And then he decided that Europe needed 'self-determinism'. This is another barrel of laughs, if you're into black humor. This basically says that every minority group has the right to self-governance. It sounds fine... until you realize that every tiny minority in Europe wanted its own country. So you had Austria-Hungary split up, Germany carved up, Poland reappearing on the map, the Balkans rearranging themselves like nuts... And if they didn't get what they want, they just started fighting. No one was happy with the result. Further minorities decided they wanted to rebel as well. It just became complete chaos.

And so the road was paved for Hitler to step into the breach, bringing some sort of twisted order out of chaos and giving the people a purpose to fight and live for.

...I just don't have words to describe how much contempt I have for Woodrow Wilson, 'self-determinism', and, "The world must be made safe for democracy."

Do you know how badly American children are indoctrinated (unconsciously, we hope...) to believe that democracy is the only good method of governing? When I read The Chronicles of Narnia for the first time and read how Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy became kings and queens of Narnia at the end, I had a knee-jerk reaction: "Kings and queens? But that's wrong! Kings are all evil, like George III! They're supposed to have elections and stuff."

Behold, the wonders of modern education.

Also, I have the hardest time not typing 'demoncracy'.

In Pace Christi,


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