Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Pathetic Update on My Boring Life

My life is boring, yes. It is probably better off that way. It's very uncomplicated and not troublesome. (Un-troublesome? Is that a word? It should be a word.)

So, not much happens in my world. Unless you count cookies. I had cookies today. Sugar cookies from the Guillot. They were good.

I also had no calculus homework today. I did it all yesterday. I was panicking when I saw something like "comp b a," nothing remotely similar to which had we gone over in class. So I found it in the lesson, was vastly relieved, and completed the problems. I figured we'd start 14.4 in class today. Nope. We finished up 14.3. So no new homework was assigned.

I was very happy about that. The cookies helped improve my mood. Cookies solve all your problems - except weight loss.

The other week a guy was sitting with his skateboard outside a classroom at the math building. He was sitting under a sign that read, NO SKATEBOARDING. The incongruity was unforgettable.

The other day in history Dr. Makowski quoted from Von Kriege, or 'On War', by a certain Karl von Clausewite (whom I have never heard of before), who basically said that 'war is diplomacy with different means'. DOES THAT MEAN ANAKIIN SKYWALKER WAS CORRECT WHEN HE CALLED IT AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS???? XD

Sorry. I totally had to add this, from Catholic Memes. They are doing a great job of spreading orthodoxy by using humor. Now, very few people will get the joke about this one, but those who do will probably, like me, be struck with the sudden fear that the Capuchins are secretly Jedi Knights. Something to think about the next time we're all fidgeting through Father's sermon...

...And so I totally had to add this one as well. Only Catholics will get this one without an explanation... Whenever a priest says, "The Lord be with you," the congregation used to respond: "And also with you." However, with the revised Mass translations from the Latin, the proper response is: "And with your spirit."

The new translations made me very happy, actually, although inevitably there were those people seeking an excuse to leave the Church and/or those who just like to grumble. I liked the new translations because they are more accurate- seeing as how I have found the words of the Latin Mass and could see the discrepancies! Apparently, whoever translated it the first time (1) didn't care (2) deliberately changed stuff to make it more 'relevant' or (3) was in a big hurry.

Let's hope it was (3).

But now the translations are accurate and that makes me so happy!

Even if I still can't get through the new Nicene Creed without looking at a card or in the missalette. If I don't look at one, I will inevitably mess up. And since I'm rather loud, my mistake will be noticeable. Therefore, it is imperative for me to look at the card or in the missalette.

Now, I can say it in Latin just fine, no mistakes, but in English I start going off into weird territory and finish off with the Apostle's Creed instead of the Nicene...

Catholic problems. There's a meme for that, too.

In Pace Christi,


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