Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Small Succession of Amusing Things

Tomorrow, for instance, is apparently Star Wars Day. Has anybody else heard of this? At least on the last email Sodexo sent, they're selling Star Wars cupcakes in the Guillot tomorrow. I will HAVE to check this out. I still have almost eleven Dining Dollars left, enough for lunch Monday and something else tomorrow, so maybe I can contrive to use them up.

I don't particularly care about the iPad 3 drawing, because I don't know what I would do with an iPad if I got one (now, if it can run Microsoft Word, I might consider...). Mom, however, says SHE'LL take it.

I also need to use up my bookstore scholarship. Hmm, sounds like a project for tomorrow. I have a book and whatever a Guide to Public Speaking Package is to buy. That sounds intimidating, honestly. I'm not looking forward to Speech (does anyone?) and this is not helping matters. The good news is I know where the communications building is.

Okay, okay, okay. I've heard about this Rate My Professors website for two semesters, and the other day I decided to finally go have a look at it. So I did. And promptly collapsed into a fit of hysterical laughter. I don't know what the numbers of the easiness rating mean, but, thanks to a conversation from the first day of last semester, I know what the chili pepper means.

A shocking percentage of my professors had chili peppers, which was what caused the hysterical laughter, if you were wondering.

Let's see... I have had how many teachers so far? Dr. Stovall, Dr. Christy, Dr. Diaz, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Bibbee, Mrs. Howell, Dr. Gren, and Dr. Moeller. Eight teachers.

Now, the amount of them that had chili peppers... Dr. Stovall, Dr. Bibbee (surprise, surprise... he reminded me of Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, honestly, even though he looked nothing like the movie Lupin... the picture of him on the UNA website shows him without a beard, so that's probably what prompted the chili pepper), Mrs. Howell, and Dr. Gren. There's four there. I can't remember about Dr. Diaz, but I wouldn't be surprised if some lovestruck girl had prompted a fifth.

That's 50%, at any rate. Yikes.

Maybe I'm immune to overt fangirlism, but rating the relative attractiveness of your teacher seems a little... unacademic. It seems to indicate that you pay more attention to the teacher than to the course material! Not a good thing for anyone's grade, I don't think. However, I suppose it might cause the stupid little swooning students to actually show up for class...

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. It's helping to keep down the hysterical laughter.

Frankly, however, most of the ratings didn't surprise me. I had already heard that Mrs. Howell had one (the first day of last semester), and I was expecting the rest. I KNEW Dr. Gren would have one, as he is completely adorkable in his own way, and also as, well, let's put it this way: the first thing I knew about him last semester was that I was going to have him this semester. The second thing I knew about him was when I was standing at a bus stop with a few other girls and one of them, twirling her umbrella, started talking about finals and mentioned how the only one she could remember the time was her chemistry final, because Dr. Gren was teaching it. Without any prompting whatsoever, she launched into a lengthy ode about how much she loved Dr. Gren. I tried to snicker quietly, but as soon as I got home I laughed and laughed... I still smirk thinking about it.

So, yeah, on the first day of THIS semester, I was prepared to be amused. And, yep, I'll admit Dr. Gren is adorkable. I already did! But I'M not the one talking about wearing an 'I Heart Nerds' shirt to class, as that girl was talking about... *shudders* Poor Dr. Gren.

Now that I come to think of it, I should have looked up my teachers for the fall so I could get an inkling of what to expect. Then again, when I walk into the classroom on the first day of the semester, I come prepared to like the professor, and will only dislike him/her if given a reason to do so. I've liked all my professors so far, except for maybe Dr. Roberts, my chemistry lab teacher last semester, and even then it wasn't that I didn't like her personally- I did-, but she didn't do much teaching. She basically told us where the chemicals were and let us go. I swear, I was terrorized of the kids pouring stuff down the drain with careless abandon. I expected a fiery fireball of doom any moment some times (yes, that was deliberately redundant). Dr. Moeller at least did demonstrations and made us clean out our glassware. Plus, he was funny! "Do not place paper towels in the sink as they will clog the drain and we don't want to flood the biology department... again."

In Pace Christi,


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