Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dobby Is Free!

Yes, yesterday I was totally skipping out of Bibb Graves again, chanting under my breath, "Master gave Dobby a sock! Dobby is free!"

I have the sinking feeling that is going to be my end-of-semester routine.

Anyway, so yesterday I decided to not even try to park next to the fountain, so I went and parked by Appleby. Sarcastic thanks to the UNA police department for stopping the shuttles from running during the finals. I had never parked on campus before, so, yeah, I was sort of frazzled. My frazzlement (and no, I don't think that's a word either, but I'm going with it) was compounded when I got to Appleby and realized I wasn't exactly sure how to get to campus. There wasn't even anyone else around for me to follow around creepily until they got to campus. I didn't realize you have to walk between two houses. So, paranoid about getting a parking ticket (I'm PARANOID, I tell you! I hear horror stories of everything!) and hoping I wasn't being some sort of creepy trespasser, I took the shortcut and made it across the street without being run over. Someone actually stopped for me. This always amazes me when they do that because people on Church Road DO NOT STOP at all even though there is a clear walkway painted on the asphalt. Seriously, the Riverhill people will run you over like they get 10 points for it or something.

Amy had said once that she knew Willingham Hall only as 'that building I come out by' so I figured I had to be in the right place when I saw it.

Scarily enough, the chemistry test, the standardized one published by the ACS (American Chemical Society... I checked) that has like a 40% average, was hard, but not petrifyingly so. Most of the questions if you know how to think can be reasoned through and you can make educated guesses about. I finished up feeling pretty good about it, so we'll find out soon enough whether rightly so or not.

Dr. Gren didn't give the test. Instead, Dr. Olive was filling in for him. I wonder where Dr. Gren was. Dr. Olive didn't seem to know, but I considered that Dr. Gren's wife looked very pregnant at the awards banquet... Awwww. The thought of another little Gren is just so cute. Mrs. Howell talked about her family all the time (she has two daughters; Timia is 7 and Tamara is 5, and Timia reads on a third-grade level though she is in first grade at Kilby), but Dr. Gren mentioned his kids occasionally, too. Apparently, he has a five-year-old and a two-year-old. The two-year-old likes Despicable Me and goes around the house saying, "Oh, yeah!" Which of course prompted Seth to say that randomly during lectures for the rest of the semester. The five-year-old likes Adele and is apparently responsible for Dr. Gren randomly humming/whistling/whatever 'Rolling in the Deep' before his PowerPoint pulled up one morning. He said he had that song in his head and couldn't get it out.

It's so nice to see that other people have that trouble with songs, too. I mean, it happens literally ALL THE TIME with me. 90% of my time I have some song or another stuck in my head. It's usually the same ones, too. Do you know how annoying that is??? I was trying to take that chemistry final with Alabama's 'The Cheap Seats' in my head. That song only pops up when it will be most annoying. Try thinking about neutrons, redox reactions, and acid-base titrations while THIS is going through your head: "We like our beer as flat as can be/ We like our dawgs with mustard and relish/ We got a great pitcher, what's his name/ Well, we can't even spell it/ We don't worry 'bout the pennant much/ We just like to see the boys hit it deep/ There's nothing like the view from the cheap seats!"

Add a little Celtic Woman or a random song I heard on the radio in the midst and it gets strange, fast.

I don't know how much I'll blog over the summer. I might pop in occasionally, even if only to post a quote. I love quotes. Instead of desperately trying to be original, I take shelter in the originality of others. *smirks evilly* I love not conforming to nonconformity!

In Pace Christi,


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