Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, I Am Still On The Face Of The Earth

And now that I've typed that title, I have the overwhelming urge to inform everyone, whether they will or nill, that 'the face of the earth' is orbis terrarum in Latin. There!

Haha. I still wish so much that UNA offered Latin. Does anybody know how we should go about getting it? Perhaps email the SGA? Petition the Foreign Language Deparment? While we're at it, how should we go about petitioning for some sort of awning at the bus stop? Waiting on the shuttles in the rain is not fun. Especially when it is 30-odd degrees, windy, and raining.

Today is Valentine's Day. I really don't care. When you're not in a relationship (guilty as charged; in fact, I think I would completely freak out if asked out and would probably end up threatening the offender with violence via sustained beating with closest book), it doesn't matter so much. To me, February 14th is more notable as the feast days of Saints Cyril and Methodius, called the Apostles of the Slavs. Notice that that people's alphabet is called Cyrillic. Cyril invented that alphabet for them and they also translated the Scriptures into Slavic. As this was before AD 1000 (and I do believe they also had permission from the Pope to say Mass in the vernacular), this completely pulverizes the Protestant rant during the Reformation/Rebellion that the Church wouldn't let the people read the Bible. It's just the people did stupid things when they got their hot little hands on a vernacular copy... I'm looking at you, England. King Henry VIII and his subjects... sigh... but I should really NOT go into something better covered in a research paper here and now on my blog.

Speaking of research papers, we're supposed to come up with three topics. I have two: (1) Is global warming and the hole in the ozone layer a problem? (The more controversial the topic, the better!) and (2) Did the Southern states during the War of Northern Agression/War for Southern Independence have the right to secede? :)

Here's where I go on another historical rant and insist that it could not have been a 'civil war' as civil wars are fought between two rival factions over who will control one government. The Southern states were not fighting to take over Washington, D. C. They had formed their own goverment and were defending IT. So, yeah... what were we doing that was any different from the original American War for Independence? And the 'Northern Aggression' part is justified. Lincoln REFUSED to treat with us BEFORE the war started. And just consider Reconstruction... It was just as vindicative as the Treaty of Versailles after WWI... the North is just lucky we didn't take it as badly as Germany did and start another war. After all, Germany had not started the war... Austria did... But WWI was completely pointless. Still, nobody would listen when the Pope pleaded for peace treaties as everyone had promised their allies land, etc., if they kept winning and got their infamous unconditional surrender. The United States entering just prolonged the whole bloody mess. Did anyone know that Woodrow Wilson (who was a nutcase, by the way; even SIGMUND FREUD said he was a nutcase) supported the Bolshevik Revolution at first?

The US isn't guilt-free of a similar mistake. We were so obsessed with getting an unconditional surrender over the Japanese in the Pacific that we refused to grant them the one thing they asked- they wanted to keep their Emperor- that we kept on fighting through Iwo Jima and finally terror-bombed them into submission. And they kept their emperor anyway. Kinda makes you feel ashamed of your country. It's still our country, but it's not always right: sometimes it's wrong. And you don't properly love your country unless you're willing to stand up and acknowledge that it's not perfect (nothing is in this vale of tears) and that we, too, have done wrong.

Yes, this is me, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Whatever. Personally, I'm surprised no one has started calling me Ms. Wikipedia or something. Can you guess why I identify with Carter in the Kane Chronicles, whom his sister calls Mr. Wikipedia?

Ooh, and on that happy note, the final book of the Kane Chronicles comes out May 1st! I'm not counting the days yet, but I will be a very happy camper on that day, even if The Serpent's Shadow is the last book in that series. Sad face. :( Well, at the very least it has a pretty cover. I'm not one of those people who makes predictions about the next book in a series, but I do think that if there is a scene where some idiot demons/minor gods invade, mistakenly or otherwise, a graveyard and get utterly TRASHED by Anubis (who IS the son of Set, the most powerful of the gods other than Ra, by the way), who would have even more hilariously shown no sign of his powers before then (other than ones involving magical toilet paper... :) long story), that would be perfect. But I doubt it shall happen.

In Pace Christi,


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