Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Time For My Thursday Rant!

I think I should just make it official. I do a rant about SOMETHING every Thursday, it seems. This is probably due to my reactions to other people's rants in their tweets that are posted on the back of the Flor-Ala. Seriously, some people are weenies! If you're going to complain, you should probably complain about something which UNA can do something about. UNA can't do anything about tornadoes hitting us at night, for instance. And I doubt they will change the classroom arrangements just because someone is annoyed they have a class on the top floor of Bibb Graves (woo! Took the four staircases outside and inside Bibb Graves to the second floor two at a time today and was barely out of breath!).

But they COULD, perhaps, do something about simple maintenance things. Like 1/2 of the bathrooms having stall doors that don't latch, for instance. Can you tell I found another one of them today? Ha. Oh, and that one toilet in the Guillot seems to be permanently out of order. At least it was the toilet whose seat was about to fall off; it was held on by only one bolt. Fred and George Weasley haven't been in there trying to steal it to send it to somebody, have they?

Haha. I just had to say that! Have you noticed I rant a lot about bathrooms? Bathrooms are important! One of the first things you should learn to say in any foreign language is, "Where is the bathroom?" Wo ist die Toilette, in my case.

While I'm on the subject, I should mention the girls' bathroom in the math building. It floods sometimes. There's been water on the floor when I walk in. And you have to hold the faucet handle with one hand to get any water out, which sort of defeats the purpose of washing your hands. And the place is generally rather dingy.

Oh! Another thing about the Guillot bathroom... the paper towel dispenser now refuses to eject a paper towel when you wave your hand in front of it. Instead, it ejects one whenever anyone walks by. Yep...

Okay, okay, so I've joined the Rand Paul league in campaign for toilets that you don't have to flush 10 times and light bulbs that work. Is that a problem?
In Pace Christi,


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