Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not How I Imagined My 100th Post Would Go

My dog, Nipper, died yesterday. I could say herein something dreadfully cheesy such as, "Parting is such sweet sorrow," from Shakespeare, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to paraphrase a quote from one of my own characters in one of my stories, and say, "Those whom we love never truly leave us. They live on forever in our hearts."

As above stated, this is my 100th post. Go me. I had planned on putting some wonderful quote for it (because I just love quotes), but, as you can see, I decided against it. Instead, this is going to be one of my typical Thursday rants.

First: I must bid my dignity good-bye. I relenqish it without much regret, however, if abandoning it allows me to run like a crazy person across Harrison Plaza trying to catch a shuttle before it leaves me again. Guess what I did this morning. I promise not to knock down any people while running across campus! But there are simply some times when not even my (extremely!) fast walk will suffice. Such as... it being 9:55 and I'm on the third floor of Wesleyan and have to make it to the basement of Floyd in about three minutes before Dr. Gren walks in through the door. Yep... dodge the people, run down the stairs, dash across the parking lot, take the stairs at a run and/or two at a time... How much difference is it, then, to run for a shuttle? Good-bye, dignity. Oh, well, I never had much use for it, anyway.

Today is the day the Flor-Ala comes out. Therefore, today is the day I rant about the people whose complaining tweets have made it to the back of the paper! There was not any particularly egregious whining going on in today's Flor-Ala, thank goodness, though I have one thing to say to the person who says she prepares for death every day when she takes the dorm elevators. Cough, cough, there's something called stairs. What a novel idea. You might should find out where they are, at least, in case you ever NEED to know where they are during a fire.

As for the police officer not stopping for pedestrians, yeah... They don't use their blinkers, either. NO ONE uses their blinkers when they're driving. ESPECIALLY not when they change lanes. Seriously, people... Some drivers scare me. The ones that go to switch lanes, decide against it, and end up driving down the middle of both lanes are terrifying. And most people seem to think that the most common speed limit is not 45, but 55. I guess this is what happens when they watch Nascar every Sunday or something. But, really, everyone races ahead to the next red light and slams on their brakes at the last moment. Forget coasting to a stop and being kind to your brakes (and your gas mileage).

The guy who apologized for driving like Pac-Man in his tweet actually made me laugh. We need a little more humor in our lives.

Oh, and I have a good comment for you Flor-Ala people: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting in the crossword puzzle! It's my Thursday routine: get out of calculus, go to Lafayette, plink on the piano, pick up a copy of the paper, and work on the crossword. While I'm on the subject, I apologize for my musical choices. I am such a Schroeder. I even have a Beethoven statuette in my room! (And a puny one on my piano.) I think Fuer Elise goes over well with everyone, but Sonata Facile number whatever might not. (No, I can't remember what its Opus number is. We all have our little failings.) I note Dr. Brewton closes his office door most of the time if he's in there while I'm playing... Sorry, Dr. Vince, but I'll be done in a minute or two. Just let me plink and I'll be done like a nice little clueless freshman...

And to the Sodexo/Guillot/wherever they belong people who supply us students with food, kudos to you for having much better desserts this semester. I'm not sure what prompted it, but every time I go in the Guillot now there are many tasty desserts (like death-by-chocolate cake with whip-cream-y stuff for icing... yum). It's a great change from last semester.

Lastly, a note to the people who plan UNA's schedule. Do not call giving us one day off 'Winter Break'. And ESPECIALLY do not include Saturday and Sunday in with it on the schedules. We're getting those days off already. You can't fool us into thinking you're more generous than you actually are. We're onto you. (Insert creepy, "I see you..." like Sauron says in the Lord of the Rings here.)

In Pace Christi,


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