Monday, November 21, 2011

Today Is Monday

Again, me and stupid blog post titles. Anyway, campus DOES look slightly less full than it usually does. People seem to be skipping class, I guess. Or at least some people are. I'm obviously not. I am being a good little clueless freshman and coming to class.

However, the upcoming break is making its presence known. The first couple of minutes in Calculus we discussed the probability of Arkansas going to the BCS. Yep. Personally, since Auburn obviously isn't going in that direction, I was willing to root for Alabama. I mean, it's like they're our sister college in Alabama (the state, that is), and most of my family wears crimson. But after LSU beat Alabama, I'm willing for LSU to go to the BCS (or even Alabama, if things turn out nicely... Stanford, Boise, and Oklahoma all lost... so does that make LSU the only major undefeated team around?). Anything as long as it is an SEC win. We have to prove that we rule the BCS, after all.

On a related note, it is nice to see that UNA survived the first game of the playoffs. I didn't see the paper this morning (and didn't really get to look at it yesterday), so I'm not real sure what this means. Does this mean we go up against Delta State again? That ought to be interesting. Invariably, whomever we beat in the regular season we lose to in the playoffs and if we lose to them in the regular season we beat them in the playoffs. Case in point two days ago.

Something must have been wrong with the victory torch early this morning, or someone simply forgot to turn it on, but it wasn't on. However, I came out of chemistry and it was on, so it was nice to see the pretty flames. Because flames are just pretty. And ON FIRE.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. idk exactly what kind of owl he is. Joel said a barn owl. hehe but i think that is just the common name.