Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Things I Have Learned About Una

Okay, you remember the drill. I list random things I have discovered about UNA in no particular order except probably that of increasing randomness.

1. I know now where Rogers Hall is. It probably helps that we only go past it every day on the shuttles.

2. Someone on campus is losing paperclips. I've picked up at least four on the ground, and three of them were in the same place- on the slope behind Bibb Graves, going up towards the library. The other was on the ground in front of Bibb Graves. Well, I shall start a paperclip collection. One is green and another is yellow so I shall have all sorts of pretty colors.

3. Schoolchildren have invaded campus! I don't know where they're coming from, but they're here- little midgets in matching shirts jumping up and down and (sort of) following their teachers around. I suppose they come to see the lions, but I'm not sure if that counts as a full field trip. Maybe they also go on a little tour around campus and someone tells them stuff... wholesome ghost stories about the different buildings on campus, perhaps?

4. They sell Oreo cake in the Guillot! I should have got some today instead of a more nutritious sandwich... if only to use up the last fifteen dollars or so on my Mane Card. I'll be there tomorrow, however. Let's hope there's still some. If not, I will be very sad and may even blog about my sadness because of the lack of Oreo cake. Oreos are one of the best foods in the world, because they are made of chocolate. WIN. Chocolate is one of the most important substances known to man, along with cheese.

5. It IS true that UNA communicates with its students primarily through email. We are all supposed to have a mailbox, and they told us in SOAR to check it every week. So I faithfully check it every week. However, there has been nothing in it for the past 6 weeks. Some people obviously don't check their mailboxes, because some have yellow flyers in there from the Matisyahu concert.

6. The flags look pretty on the bridge.

7. Apparently, a dude checks/cleans the Harrison Fountain (it IS called that, right?) every morning. At least, I've seen a dude fiddling around with it a couple of mornings. It probably helps that I get to campus by 7:40 and sit by myself in my classroom in the Math Building for ten minutes with my head on my desk and thinking, "I hope class hasn't been canceled and I am sitting here in this freezing/roasting room for nothing..."
The dude was in the fountain one afternoon, complete with rubber gear to not get wet.

8. What is with the temperature in the buildings? I know most of them probably have old heating units and stuff, but seriously... In the summer the air was on and it was 60 degrees in the Math Building and in Wesleyan. You could hardly sit on the desks in the Math Building for fear of frostbite. Ditto for Wesleyan. To top it off, they had fans going constantly in the language lab in Wesleyan. Now you know why I dubbed it the meat locker. Now that it is fall, however, they have turned the heat on and now it is 80 degrees in those buildings. I walk in, take off my coat(s), and fantasize about opening windows.

9. The Darby Drive parking lot scares me. There's so much broken glass at the far end of the parking lot. I routinely swerve to miss a patch of it in the morning... probably doesn't help that I insist on parking at the far end of the lot. I mean, when I get there in the morning (usually) there's only about four other cars, if that many. I can park wherever I want. But I am a person of habit and like to go for the same spot over and over again.

10. What will it take to get UNA to offer Latin? I'll write a petition if anyone else is interested... Does anyone know the president's email address? Maybe we can swamp his inbox. Or perhaps I should just starting bugging Dr. Christy, since he's the head of the foreign language department. Does he know Latin? He seems to know everything else. It's most disconcerting when he suddenly says something in French (or even Dutch... or was that Flemish?) when trying to explain a German term.

In Pace Christi,


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