Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Obligatory Pointless Thursday Post

Okay, I am officially stalking the Guillot in hopes of Oreo cake. I've been in there every day since and there has been no sight of the Precious. Chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cake with chocolate icing, but no Precious. They stole it from us, nasty tricksy hobbitses...

I got a copy of the new Flor-Ala this morning. I like reading people's tweets on the back. I'm glad to see someone else shares my opinion of the squirrels around campus. Dr. Bibbee told us on the first day of class that they were, in his words, 'rats with fuzzy tails', and they do seem to enjoy frolicking about and occasionally bombing hapless students with acorns. Don't say they don't, because they do. And they waste acrons by only eating half of them- that's so they can hit students on the head with the other half, I suppose...

The people in Lafayette should all be up by 9:00, right? At least I've never slept in past 9:00. (You may gasp in horror now.) So if I timidly plink away on the piano, it will be okay with everyone? My playing sounds much worse when I'm trying to play quietly and thus miss notes or don't hit the keys hard enough for the hammers to strike the strings (inside the piano... that's how a piano works, by the way. Open the lid while someone is playing sometime. It's cool).

If I did wake anyone up, I'm sorry! It must have been with the Star Wars Theme Song, if I did. Or the Imperial March (a.k.a. Darth Vader's Theme Song). It was very embarrassing when the Georgia band was playing that the other Saturday... :(  And, for your information, yes, I am the one today who was wearing a bright purple UNA t-shirt and an Auburn jacket. I'm confused that way. But it works out as long as we're not in Division I. On a related note, I hear we got rejected by the Ohio Valley Conference... Well, that throws a wrench in the system.

In Pace Christi,


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