Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ways In Which I Defy Modern Society

I do not really know why I am posting this, other than that I think it's funny. You will find that I do a lot of things because I think they're funny. I'm funny that way.

1. I absolutely do not own anything made by Aeropostale. The world has not yet come to an end so I shall probably get away with this.

2. I refuse to abbreviate anything while texting. I spell out every single word and use proper punctuation and grammar. If I find that I have sent someone a text with a spelling error, I usually follow it up with an apology bemoaning the fact that my fingers are too big for my tiny keyboard, and insisting that phones are stupid.

3. I have never been ashamed of being seen with my parents in public.

4. If something is currently the fashion, I usually loathe it. This does not mean I will not like it several years down the road when it has fallen so far out of favor it is now deemed stupid, nor does it mean that I have not liked it previous and then it became fashionable. Examples of the former: Pokemon (though I have largely abandoned that now), Princess Tutu (I am also not at all ashamed of this fact) and Yu-Gi-Oh. Examples of the latter: Percy Jackson, Ranger's Apprentice (hopefully), Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

5. I have not read The Hunger Games. I do not plan to. Cue immense and immediate effort on my friends' part to make me read it, just like they tried with Twilight.

6. I do not swear. Ever. If you do so in my presence, you shall likely receive either a pitiful look pleading for cleaner air or a death glare. Take your pick. You likely have your back turned and can't see me anyway. *grumbles about kids these days and their foul mouths*

7. My life is not ruled by my phone. I can safely leave it on throughout all my classes and my teachesr shall never be the wiser since it is set on vibrate (I can't really remember what my ringtone actually is... I think it's 'Ode to Joy'). If it does vibrate on me, I never answer it. I just kind of jerk and have a weird expression because it's scared me half to death, but that's all. I text so little that when I do receive a text message it surprises me, unless I am already in a text conversation with somebody, and then I'll be expecting it. But I will not be in a text conversation with somebody while I am in class.
Actually, when I get home, I leave my phone on my dresser and pretty much forget about it until the next day. My life is very peaceful and uncomplicated. :)

8. I am not ashamed of having good morals. I am ashamed of everyone who loves to discuss rude, crude and fast-becoming-socially-acceptable topics anywhere and at any time, regardless of whether or not I am in their presence and/or hearing range. Yes, I am the one sitting over there with a pained expression, probably blushing and mentally repeating the Divine Praises in order to atone for whatever you just said. Because you probably just broke the Second Commandment (and I'm Catholic, so that means no taking God's name in vain).

9. I apparently emit some sort of anti-people aura and this does not disturb me as much as it should. I am not overly concerned by my relative lack of followers on this blog because I do not need two thousand followers on my Facebook page to feel like I belong.

10. On that subject, I neither have a Facebook page nor am I on Twitter. I told you, my life is blissfully uncomplicated.

11. If I had a Twitter account, I would be constantly at odds with the system because I would constantly insist on using proper grammar and spelling, which would push me over the 140 character limit.

12. I read philosophy. For fun. My political theory is distributism, and I can use terms like 'psychosomatic unity' and 'the ontological argument for the existence of God' without blinking.

13. I love big words and capital letters. Modern society likes to chop the ends of words and squish them together, resulting in words such as blog, vlog, etc. Modern society also likes to decapitate words. Go find a newspaper and pull out the ads. If you can find one of them that is not written in all lowercase letters or all caps, congratulations. Then calculate the percentage of ads that are lowercase or all caps to those that employ proper letters.

14. I love archaic words. Mrs. Raney mentioned something today about an alternate meaning for 'shiver'. My first thought was 'shiver', meaning as in to split something or destroy it. My mind flicked to a passage in the Lord of the Rings which speaks of Theoden's spear being shivered and he casts it aside when he slays the standard-bearer of some enemy cavalry at the Pelennor Fields. I know that divers is a different word from diverse, not merely a misspelling. I tried to use it on my ACT essay. Mom talked me out of this.

15. I have proven that one does not need to be old to be eccentric, and I am proud of this dinstinction. Most people want to fit in with society. Therefore, they feel the need to act rebellious, dye their hair black and cut it short and spiky, and in general conform to nonconformity. This cracks me up. If I didn't have my sense of humor, it would be hard being a sane person in an insane world. And I say this without the slightest bit of arrogance. It's my blog (and you are welcome to hurl digital flames at me if you disagree with me) and it has become more of a personal commentary on a bit of everything than merely an account of my adventures and misadventures here at UNA.

In Pace Christi,


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